Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are staying warm. Just wanted to share something that I’ve been up to lately.

I guess you all know by now, Facebook is my favorite platform BUT I’m also on LinkedIn. Being snowed in, I decided to introduce myself to some of my LinkedIn Friends/Connections. I have over 2,100. No, I didn’t know them beforehand. I simply sent connection requests and they accepted or vice versa.

I am a LION meaning I’ll accept all requests. It literally stands for LinkedIn Open Networker.

Sometimes I’ll share a blog there, maybe not lol

As I said, it’s really not my preferred BUT I believe that it has great potential.

Think about it. When you think of LinkedIn, you think of professionals — people with good work ethics, understanding of long-term vision and love the opportunity to make more money. The average household income is about $100,000 so rarely will you have objections over $25.

Just like Facebook, there’s a way to export all of your connections (you’ll even have the opportunity to get their email addresses). This could be great for really getting their attentions. For this experiment, I kept it simple and just sent a message straight to their inbox using the LinkedIn platform.

I sent a message saying hello, telling them I’d like to learn more about them and wishing them well. NO AVON. In my signature, I included link to my blog. The homepage on my blog says what I do and my interests.

I have three people that replied wanting to learn more about me and my business so we’ve scheduled phone calls for next week.

I believe LinkedIn has so much potential and even lower competition.

I’d love for you all to give it a try. If so, try to introduce yourself to all of your connections (set a goal to message X per day) OR go out in LinkedIn groups and make new connections!


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