Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are staying warm. Just wanted to share something that I’ve been up to lately.

I guess you all know by now, Facebook is my favorite platform BUT I’m also on LinkedIn. Being snowed in, I decided to introduce myself to some of my LinkedIn Friends/Connections. I have over 2,100. No, I didn’t know them beforehand. I simply sent connection requests and they accepted or vice versa.

I am a LION meaning I’ll accept all requests. It literally stands for LinkedIn Open Networker.

Sometimes I’ll share a blog there, maybe not lol

As I said, it’s really not my preferred BUT I believe that it has great potential.

Think about it. When you think of LinkedIn, you think of professionals — people with good work ethics, understanding of long-term vision and love the opportunity to make more money. The average household income is about $100,000 so rarely will you have objections over $25.

Just like Facebook, there’s a way to export all of your connections (you’ll even have the opportunity to get their email addresses). This could be great for really getting their attentions. For this experiment, I kept it simple and just sent a message straight to their inbox using the LinkedIn platform.

I sent a message saying hello, telling them I’d like to learn more about them and wishing them well. NO AVON. In my signature, I included link to my blog. The homepage on my blog says what I do and my interests.

I have three people that replied wanting to learn more about me and my business so we’ve scheduled phone calls for next week.

I believe LinkedIn has so much potential and even lower competition.

I’d love for you all to give it a try. If so, try to introduce yourself to all of your connections (set a goal to message X per day) OR go out in LinkedIn groups and make new connections!


Published by chicagosnatalie

Natalie is a Certified Weight Loss and Mindset Coach empowering ambitious women to get OUT of their heads and out of their own way by tapping into their subconscious mind to rewire, reframe and remove old patterns, beliefs, habits, self-sabotaging behaviors, and fear so they can FINALLY get their minds to work FOR them and crush their goals with TRUE confidence, happiness and a deeper sense of self-love đź’š

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