Forget About Pinterest Followers: Launch Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy Now

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Every time I talk to someone about Pinterest, I usually get mixed reactions. After they realize Pinterest isn’t just for recipes and DIYs, it’s followed by “I don’t even know how to use it.”

I tell every entrepreneur, small business owner, coach and consultant that they need to be on Pinterest. 

Pinterest is great for reaching people while they decide what to buy or even what to do next. Most people go to Pinterest to research, plan, find inspiration or a solution to a specific problem. About 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded meaning they’re not looking for a specific brand or product, they’re looking for a solution. Let your solution be the one they find.

Once I state these facts, there’s a quick air of relief that washes over them. Then they’re hit with the second set of emotions:

  • Oh no, now this means I need to learn another social media platform!
  • Will it even be worth it since I don’t have any followers? < the fear of starting over

And usually the doubt of not getting any results due to lack of followers trumps the fear of learning something new which is why I wanted to share why followers really don’t matter.

Disclaimer: for the record, I love my Pinterest followers. They have shown me a great deal of love with private messages, comments and of course, either signing up for my email list or purchasing from me but this article isn’t about that and if I hadn’t considered the reasons below, I wouldn’t have followers today.

Pinterest really is a “if you build it, they will come” type of platform.

Natalie Butler
Pinterest marketing strategy 2020 | Pinterest marketing strategy 2019

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Worry About Pinterest Followers

Vanity Metrics

As you can see in recent social media news, Facebook and Instagram are playing around with the idea of removing follower count and even likes because they have been said to reduce the user’s experience and even cause to have lower self-esteem.

With other social media sites, your visibility greatly depends on your followers. As soon as you publish content, your followers are notified. If you don’t have followers, you don’t have views. It’s up to your followers to spread the news about your recent content.

With Pinterest, it’s the opposite. You don’t need followers to get views on your content. Regardless of followers, it is very possible to have decent engagement. This is because of the second point mentioned. Pinterest is a discovery tool. Check the next section below to go in-depth.

Example: here’s my personal account. As you can see, I just reached 4600 followers, yet my account reaches over 4 million viewers per month. I didn’t start out with tons of followers. With less than 1,000 followers, my account went from less than 300,000 viewers to 1 million in one month!

Pinterest Marketing Strategist: Pinterest Marketing Strategy: Social Media Marketing Consultant
Personal Pinterest
Pinterest marketing strategy 2020 | Pinterest marketing strategy 2019
Pinterest Growth: <300,000 – 1 million

Pinterest Functionality

Like other social media sites, Pinterest allows users to “follow” other people, businesses and brands.

Unlike other social media sites, Pinterest is a discovery search engine. This means people are going directly to the platform to look for ideas, inspiration, and solutions to their problem. Pinterest is focused on the end-user experience so as long as your account is set to “public”, people can discover you without even have heard of you!

With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media platforms, users don’t really have the ability to type an issue in the search field and return a solution. Test it out: go to Instagram and type in “ingrown toe nail”. You’d have to get pretty specific if you want to find an actual solution or remedy.

Pinterest actually helps users out by providing recommendations. So you don’t need to know exactly what to search for in order to get an answer.

Smart Feed

The Smart Feed is in a league of its own! The Smart Feed is your homepage when you log in to the platform. Pinterest has really mastered their AI to help deliver a customized experience for the user.

The Smart Feed decides what type of pins to show you based upon the type of pins you pin or repin, the type of boards or accounts you follow, the type of pins you interact with, how you search the platform and even how you pin what you pin.

When you pin something, Pinterest does a quick sweep of the image to try to figure out what its about. This is why you’ll see “more pins like this” underneath the pin or “more ideas” when you visit one of your boards. Pinterest wants to help you get the most and discover the most on its platform.

Pinterest will also send you an in-app notification and e-mail to provide you with ideas based upon the interests it believes you have.

Now that’s all done for you, guess what it’s doing for others? Yep! The same exact thing. So it’s helping other viewers consume your content even if they are not following you.


Doubling back to Pinterest being a discovery search engine, think of Pinterest as the visual Google.

When people go to Google, they are looking for either ideas, inspiration, information, clarification or updates.

The same is true for Pinterest.

Because of how Pinterest functions, you are able to optimize your profile, boards, and pins to bring in traffic looking exactly for you using keywords!

You don’t have to personally know someone looking for easy ways to lose belly fat. With Pinterest, you can optimize your boards or pins to produce results for someone looking for easy ways to lose belly fat. With keywords, you bring the audience directly to you. You don’t have to convince them that they need you. They’re already looking for you!


Unlike many other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest encourages users to leave the platform and even shop (topic for another discussion)!

Yes, that’s right! Pinterest allows users to leave the platform! With every pin (video/picture) you upload to Pinterest, you are able to include the source website. If you forget to include the website, Pinterest will even prompt you to enter one.

As much as I love social media, I always tell clients never depend solely on social media. Social media is not ours to own. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Reddit go down. Because we’re free users, we usually don’t have account managers that we can call to tell them to get our accounts back up and running. We’re at the mercy of social media platforms. You always want to have your own place on the internet. Do not let all of your hard work go to waste. Protect yourself.

Use Pinterest to direct to your website, blog, lead capture pages, podcast or wherever you like! Even using Pinterest organically, without paid ads, can drive tons of traffic to your site for free!

Why should you launch your Pinterest marketing strategy now?

Including all of the reasons I mentioned about (vanity metrics, Pinterest functionality, Smart Feed, search engine optimization and traffic), there are two other reasons why you’d want to launch your Pinterest marketing strategy now.

The first reason is longevity. With other social media sites, unfortunately, unless the status/post/tweet goes viral, it usually is drowned out by the newer, more popular posts in a matter of hours or minutes if we’re talking about Twitter. Because Pinterest is a search engine, people can discover your pin days, weeks, months or even years after you’ve pinned it! Trust me, I have a pin from 2016 that is still being circulated! Make your content work for you!

The next reason you want to do it is just to do it! Sometimes we overcomplicate things, talk ourselves out of it and feed ourselves the lie of perfection. Perfection is a myth. The only way to get good at something is simply to do it! So stop feeding yourself unrealistic expectations of reality. We all have to start off somewhere but the key is to start! Sitting, thinking and second-guessing ourselves will get us nowhere!

Interested in discovering the perfect Pinterest marketing strategy for your business?

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