3 Things You Must Do to Have a Killer Pinterest Marketing Strategy

3 Must Haves for Killer Pinterest Marketing Strategy
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Confession: when I first started my Pinterest account, I didn’t have a Pinterest marketing strategy. I also wasn’t one of the early adopters so I didn’t have a bunch of followers just because I placed my stake in the sand early on. I had to start from scratch. Probably the same thing you’re doing right now. I was on the platform, had no sense of direction much less any knowledge of how to actually use Pinterest for business. Another moment of truth: I didn’t even know you could use Pinterest for business.

I stumbled upon its capabilities by mistake. I pinned a blog years before. Had forgotten all about it! As I was looking at my blog stats, I realized the pin was still driving traffic to my blog years later — despite the facts: I wasn’t on the platform much, didn’t even know how to really use the platform and didn’t have a bunch of followers to do the work for me. It caused me to take a second look at Pinterest.

I’d never really pursued Pinterest because it looked overly complicated and I told myself that I didn’t have time to learn about another platform. Yet, I realized something — unlike social media, my pin was still generating traffic years after it was pinned! The average social media post has a lifespan of less than a day!

I decided it was worth it. After hours upon hours of studying, implementing, measuring and revamping, I got it down to a science. I saw my account reach millions of monthly viewers, blog traffic increase, e-mail lists grew and well, new customers! How did I accomplish this? I learned there are three things each Pinterest marketing strategy must have.

3 Things You Must Do to Have a Killer Pinterest Marketing Strategy

3 Must Haves for Killer Pinterest Marketing Strategy

1. Pin Own Content

I see a lot of content creators using Pinterest for personal use. For some reason, there seems to be a natural divide between the social media platforms. Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for business use and then only coming to Pinterest for personal use. I think this may be due to the common misconception that Pinterest is only about DIYs and recipes (you know, things you’d do when you’re off the clock). No, no, no, my friends. Pinterest is so much more and there’s room for just about every industry!

It has also come to me that many people simply don’t know how to use Pinterest just as I had not. They’re not sure how to upload content to Pinterest much less how to get that content seen in the feed. So they’ve settled with just pinning others’ content. It’s easy, right?

Unfortunately, this is leaving tons of money on the table. People are constantly looking for new ideas, inspiration and solutions. Don’t be afraid to get your content in front of them! They are looking for you! Remember: because most pinners are scrolling using smartphones, you want to create vertical pins to take up more real estate on their phones. Selfish? Maybe. Effective? Yep!

2. Optimize

Now this is a little loaded. Optimization is key. Because Pinterest performs as a search engine, you want to make sure that the content you upload to the platform can be discovered.

In order to do this, you want to make sure that you’ve conducted enough research to learn what keywords to use in order to attract your ideal audience. Think: what would your ideal audience be searching for? What solution can you offer?

Now that you have your keywords, you want to place them in the title of your board, pin and in the pin description. This tells Pinterest what your pin is about so they can share it with others who have a common interest or even better, those who are looking for the exact same thing! Keywords are crucial!

3. Call-to-Action

Pinterest is one of the very few platforms that encourages content creators to share external links so that pinners may leave the platform. On most other social media platforms, they want to keep the user on there. Take advantage of Pinterest’s generosity!

As marketers, we see the same CTA messages over and over and maybe we’ve become either annoyed or immune to them; however, non-marketers have not. Some people need guidance and need to be told what to do next.

This is the perfect time to build your e-mail list, direct traffic to your blog, increase podcast listeners or video views, promote/showcase products or sign up for course/e-book.

Define your objective. What do you want visitors to do? Then make sure each pin is directing them to that source! Every pin should be taking them off the platform.

Does this Pinterest marketing strategy actually work and who does it work for?

Yes! I know there’s a great deal of information on how coaches, consultants and service-based business owners can use Pinterest for business; however, the techniques and strategies work for product-based businesses as well! Actually, if you have a product-based business, I suggest you get on Pinterest NOW!

According to Omincore, 93% of active pinners said they go to Pinterest to plan their next purchase and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest. It’s reported that at least 40% of pinners have a household income of $100,000+! Plant those seeds!

And as my husband says, the proof is in the pudding. Here’s one of my product pins that has grown organically (no paid advertising). As you can see, 28,000 people were intrigued enough to click on it to learn more, of that 733 saved to their board (helping expand my reach) and 849 went to the website to learn even more about it!

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Interested in discovering the perfect Pinterest marketing strategy for your business?

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