The Secret to My Pinterest Marketing Strategy: How I Reach 4.9 Million Monthly Viewers

Pinterest marketing strategy 2019 - Pinterest marketing strategy 2020: Pinterest for business, Pinterest marketing consultant
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The secret to my Pinterest marketing strategy:

Curating content is a big piece of my Pinterest marketing strategy for a number of reasons.

As you all know, I average over 4 million monthly viewers on Pinterest (stats below). I’d be lying if I said it all came from publishing my own content. Remember in this blog where I discussed creating the user experience? By sharing others’ content, I’m able to better serve my target audience.

Let’s face it! I don’t know all of the answers! It would be incredibly foolish of me to claim that I did. And to top it off, each creator has their own sense of style and creativity. Different styles appeal to different people at different stages in their lives. There are some things that others describe better than I do. So it would be a disservice if I didn’t at least provide a resource to my people in order to help them.

Then there’s another little perk: it also gives me some time to create my own content because I’m not trying to push out five new pieces of content per day!

Pinterest pins represent the best of the best on the Internet. In order to have viral pins, your pins must be relevant to your target market, they must be helpful (inspirational/informational) and they must be evergreen in a sense that it’s not just something that applies in that moment such as a Halloween blow-out sale on 10/31/2019 (as you can see, we’ve clearly passed that date). Readers need to be able to act on it weeks, months or even years later. By curating others’ content, I’m able to spend more time each week to research and plan my own content so that I can offer something truly meaningful to the platform.

Rule: Treat their pin as if it were your own and you could use curated content to expand your reach! Think of it as a net. You can cast a wide net to catch people who are interested in your specific niche/industry. In order for marketing to be effective, you have to be talking to the right people! Grow Pinterest followers by offering them want they want. Once you’ve built this community, you’ll be able to direct them to your content when you do publish it! It’s a win-win situation.

How I Curate Other’s Content in My Pinterest Marketing Strategy:

1) Check the source/website – always keep the user’s experience in mind. You don’t want to repin content without even checking to make sure it is relevant. Unfortunately, spammers, scammers and lazy marketers exist on every platform. There have been instances where I’ve clicked on a link and was directed to a stale website that had absolutely nothing to do with the pin. I’ve also had my own pictures “borrowed” to direct traffic to someone else’s website <— this is why branding will be key when you begin to create your own pins.

Back to the topic, you want to make sure the pin is directing people to the original content. Usually a pin is attached to a specific blog and the blog will have the same pin (like my pin above).

Side note: Pinterest asks users to provide feedback on each pin they visit so if the pin receives too many negative complaints, Pinterest will block the domain. You do not want Pinterest blocking domains you’re suggesting your audience visit. You lose credibility. You also don’t want your own domain to be blocked so make sure your pins are directing visitors to the right site.

Pinterest marketing strategies 2020 | Pinterest spam filter
Is the site harmful or irrelevant?

2. Optimizing pin – there are some pins that go wildly viral because they were pinned by people who have significant followings; unfortunately, that is not the case for all pins. Instead of leaving things up to chance and hoping to be the one in a million pins that reach the golden viral status, let’s set realistic goals. Having every pin go viral is widely optimistic and borderline foolish. That is the same as thinking every singer will become famous and have a 25-year career. We have the term “one-hit wonder” for a reason. BUT!! It is very possible to have people search Pinterest and discover your pin days, weeks, months and even years later.

With that being said, check the pins that you are re-pinning. Does the pin title accurately tell viewers what the content is about? From a quick glimpse can they see how it would benefit them to either save/share the pin or visit the website? What about the pin description? In most cases, you have the ability to change the pin title and description once you are in the process of pinning to one of your boards or if you go back to edit it. If you see that the pin has not been titled or described correctly (aka optimized for search engine functionality), go back to fix it! For example: if you notice the title or description says “Follow @somegarbagethatsfocusedmoreongettingfollowersthanactuallydrivingtraffic”, edit it to accurately describe the pin and who it is for in order to drive more traffic to the pin.

Why would you want to increase someone else’s visibility? Without going so technical into the law of reciprocity or law of attraction, it really is a sense of give and thou shall receive. If you share someone’s content, it brings others to you. When a person discovers a pin, it will tell them who pinned it to what board. If the board name adds up or aligns with their goal, they will check you out so don’t be selfish!

3. Relevant board – Pinterest loves relevancy! It breaks my heart when I see my pins repinned to completely irrelevant boards. Assuming that your boards have been correctly titled, Pinterest can use the title of your board to gain more information about the pin and suggest the pin to people with similar interests. If a social media marketing pin is pinned to a board titled “dope”, it confuses Pinterest. It also confuses other pinners and may deter new followers.

You want to be helpful. If you are being a resource, you have to be able to show them exactly what they are looking for. As you begin to pin and you enter the platform, Pinterest will also use your board titles to help you find similar boards and pins. If you want Pinterest to help you, you have to help it.

Treat their pin just like you would treat your own!

Natalie Butler

How often should you curate content?

In the social media marketing world, we often talk about the 80/20 rule which states only 20% of the time is spent promoting your business while the other 80% is spent building relationships through educating, entertaining or empowering your audience. This rule doesn’t really apply to Pinterest.

With Pinterest, there is no hard-fast rule which is great for people who are just beginning and do not have tons of content or those who have tons of content and not sure how often to post. For someone getting started with Pinterest marketing, I’d suggest using the 80/20 rule as a baseline. For every 5 pins, make sure 1 is of your own content. Remember, we are using Pinterest for business so eventually we need to get pinners off the platform and on to our domain. As you begin to create more content, you can incrementally increase the number of pins you publish.

For those with tons of content, I’d still suggest using the 80/20 rule as a baseline. I understand the motivation behind trying to pump as much content on to the platform as possible but remember, everything has a learning curve. We do not want to crash and burn. Instead, take your time. Research your keywords. Optimize the pins. As you keep going, you’ll start to see the effects of your hard work and then you can begin to publish more of your own content knowing that you’ve fully grasped the concept. One thing about Pinterest: going back to edit old pins won’t increase discoverability so don’t waste all of your good content on bad Pinterest practices.

Eventually, you want to have at least a 50/50 mix of your content and curated content. Measure the results. Are you still bringing in traffic? If so, you can consider bumping it up to 60/40. Test and measure. The good news for you is that you don’t have to worry about publishing five new pieces of content per day. Don’t rush it. Instead focus on the quality of your content and make sure you have fully optimized your Pinterest marketing strategy.


As my husband says “the proof is in the pudding.” Of course, this strategy works. Below you will see my personal Pinterest account. Two of the most important stats here, to me, are saves and link clicks. Yes, the monthly viewers are impressive but also a bit of a vanity metric. Views mean nothing if people aren’t going to your website. As you can see, I’ve been able to generate 15,000 clicks and over 100,000 saves. Saves are important as well because it means 1) people are sharing my content to expand my reach and 2) there is a possibility of the share becoming a link click once they are ready to take action. They saved it because they found it interesting and would eventually like to try it. Maybe now just isn’t the time BUT it still helps expand my reach.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2019 - Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2020 : Pinterest marketing consultant

And now my new Pinterest account dedicated just to social media marketing, Pinterest marketing tips and business tips for entrepreneurs….. P.S. I just started pinning two weeks ago….. Engaged audience: 1K and Total Audience: 21K.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2019 - Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2020 : Pinterest marketing consultant

Here’s a pin from my new Pinterest account. As I stated above, I just started pinning about two weeks ago. This pin hasn’t even been on the platform for 7 days. I have single digit followers and even with that, I’ve been able to drive traffic to my blog.

Pinterest marketing strategy 2019 | Pinterest marketing strategy 2020 | Pinterest marketing consultant

Note: when looking at your own Pinterest analytics, don’t be afraid of the ups and downs. Stats fluctuate just like the stock market or roller coasters. You just want to make sure your overall growth is higher.

Looking for creative ways to grow your business using social media or optimize your current social media and content strategy?

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