What Can a Pinterest Marketing Strategist Do for You?

What exactly is a Pinterest strategist?

A Pinterest marketing strategist is an expert in social media marketing with a focus on the platform, Pinterest. A Pinterest marketing strategist will help you streamline the marketing process and take the guesswork out of your social media marketing strategy as it relates to Pinterest.

Now here are some things that you want to look for when you are hiring or even learning from a person who claims to be a Pinterest marketing strategist:

  • They know the platform. No, not just in theory. You want someone who practices what they preach. How can they train or guide you if they don’t know the way? Does the saying “blind leading the blind” ring a bell?
  • Bringing home to the first point, THEY should also have a high performing account as well. I know I’ll get some slack on this with others saying they’re too busy to maintain their own profiles but I have two arguments for that:
    • If you are teaching other entrepreneurs how to manage their accounts, shouldn’t YOU also know how to manage your account? Have a system or recommendation for them to follow?
    • If you aren’t on the platform as much, how do you know of the recent changes and how will you 1) communicate them to your client and 2) show them how to apply it to their business?
  • They don’t focus on vanity metrics such as followers or monthly viewers. Yes, I love being able to say I reach 5 million monthly viewers per month but that doesn’t translate to how much traffic I generate from the platform. I’ve seen accounts with 100k monthly viewers with only 2-3 blog viewers. The expert needs to be able to show you how to get views AND convert those views.
  • Do you like them? Sounds crazy, right? But they are going to be teaching you. Do you like how they communicate? Do they explain things thoroughly? Will you hire them only to hire someone else?

Just think: if you are lost and stranded, who would you prefer to come to your rescue: someone who was also lost but returned with a roadmap or someone who never left the nest?

Pinterest marketing strategist

How to work with a Pinterest strategist?

Understand that hiring someone is not some magical cure. You need to have realistic expectations of what will happen. Before you spend any money or make any commitment, I suggest that you meet with the person first. This can be done via phone, video conference or in-person.

Once you have spoken to them, they will be able to better assess your situation and how to help you. This may be as simple as going into your account to conduct an audit, analyzing your pins/boards, evaluating your current strategy, helping you develop a strategy or helping you create a Pinterest account (if they offer this service).

This ties into my last point — you want to have a clear vision. Know what to expect. Pinterest strategists teach you how to use the platform to reach your marketing objectives. If you are unclear, you will struggle with setting goals and measuring efforts; therefore, it will be difficult to determine if the expert was able to help you or not.

Last but certainly not least, in order for the relationship to be beneficial, you have to do the recommended tasks. If the expert suggests changing or adding a component, do it. Remember, they know the platform. They are going to show you how to optimize your efforts.

What is the difference between a Pinterest strategist and Pinterest virtual assistant?

This is a very good question and unfortunately, I do not have a definite answer for you. This greatly depends on the individual. Unfortunately, titles and roles can get mixed. There are some Pinterest strategists who offer virtual assistance services. There are some virtual assistants who strictly manage Pinterest accounts with your guided instruction. You have to determine if they know how to create and implement Pinterest marketing strategies as well as if they continue their Pinterest education. It really boils down to if they just learned enough to operate Pinterest or if they’ve invested enough time and/or money to be called a Pinterest expert. You can ask during the discovery call 😉

When should you hire a Pinterest marketing strategist?

If you are just getting started, don’t have any idea of your ideal client or still working on pricing/packages, you may benefit more from either a business coach/consultant. Understand that being on social media is not a business plan. Social media is a method of transportation like cars, trains, buses, bikes or airplanes. You can use different types of transportation to get to the same destination but first, you have to know where you’re going 😉

The best time to work with a Pinterest expert is when you have outlined your business plan, marketing goals/objectives and content creation and marketing strategy. Coming to Pinterest as a last-ditch effort will not yield favorable results. Nothing good comes from acting out of desperation.

When you are implementing any social media strategy, you need enough time to implement, test, measure, revamp, optimize, rinse and repeat. Though social media seems quick and easy, it should not be taken lightly. Implemented correctly and Pinterest can become an invaluable asset to your business both short- and long-term.

To maximize your time, you want to make sure you have a basic understanding of Pinterest and how to use Pinterest. Many strategists offer consulting on an hourly basis or special packages. Though it’s completely up to you, you’d want to make sure you are spending your time with them wisely. There is absolutely no reason why you should pay an hour for them to show you how to create an account.

Does this describe you? You know what you offer, who you offer it to but you just don’t know how to do it on the Pinterest platform?

Consider this:

If you are on Pinterest but you are not getting the results you want, now is the time to hire a Pinterest expert.


Are you willing to pay someone to walk you through the process of account creation, optimization, funnels and strategy? If so, a coaching package is more suitable for you! But don’t pay for hourly consulting if you don’t have the basics.

Are you ready to up your Pinterest game?

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