Five New Pinterest Features for 2020

5 New Pinterest Features in 2020
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As of January 2020, Pinterest is now officially the third largest social media platform — taking the thrown from our dearly loved, Snapchat! It’s been less than a year since Pinterest decided to become a public company and I have no doubt the platform will continue to grow! As such, more entrepreneurs and small business owners are exploring the possibility of adding Pinterest to their existing marketing strategy but not sure yet how Pinterest could be used for business. Most of us use Pinterest to plan personal events and goals but aren’t sure how to even use Pinterest for business. So let’s discuss some new Pinterest features that are perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, influencers and bloggers.

Five Cool Pinterest Features for Entrepreneurs:

Some of these Pinterest features are relatively new; however, some have been available for a while now and either most people don’t know about them or they don’t know how to use them for business. So let’s dive right in!

First: Mobile Analytics and Ads Management

Because most pinners (Pinterest users) are using Pinterest via smartphone, it only makes sense! Mobile analytics and ad management are being rolled out in phases but trust, it’s long overdue. On my main Pinterest account, I do not have the option to see analytics so I have to log in on a desktop computer to check but a few of my other accounts have it so I was able to grab a screenshot for you.

In order to see your analytics, you need to have a Pinterest business account. The analytics will show under the business account name and description. You can then click the button to “see more”. When you click the see more button, you can see which pins are performing the best.

I don’t know if this was the intention of Pinterest but I’ll tell you how I break it down. In terms of importance, it’s 3-2-1. Impressions are of the least importance, audience is second and engagements are KING! As marketers, we should always strive for influencing our audience to take action.

You’ll also be able to monitor any of your paid advertisements and also create new paid ads (covered below). This is perfect for entrepreneurs who are always on-the-go or handle most of their business on their cells. I mean it is 2020 after all.

Second: the new shop tab!

Shoppable pins (Shop This Look Pins) have been around for a while now on Pinterest; however, Pinterest just included a new Shop tab viewable on each business account. As soon as users visit your account, they can check out your products!

Pinterest Features - Shop Tab

This is perfect for small business owners who want to showcase and sell physical products. Unfortunately, you can’t add your shop via mobile app. You will have to do it using a Desktop PC. You can set up your shop at

To give you a bit of context on how popular and effective shoppable pins are proving to be, lately, I’ve noticed that if I conduct a search on Pinterest, the very first pin that populates is a shoppable pin. Do you see the price under each dress? Yes, you can go directly to the website if you’re interested in purchasing the item!

Third: Videos and Video Reactions

First, this may be news to many so let me rip the bandaid off and say yes, you can upload videos to Pinterest. For best practices on uploading videos to Pinterest, click here.

Now here’s another piece of news: you can now “react” to videos like you would on Facebook or LinkedIn. Pinterest is trying to put the social back into their social media platform. I notice this is another feature that is slowly rolling out so not all videos/accounts are able to react; however, I imagine this feature will have a very positive response. People love to give their feedback and let their voices be heard. It hasn’t even rolled out to everyone yet and you can see some videos already have a good amount of reactions.

Pinterest Video Reactions

You will find the option to react to the video pin using the lightbulb with the plus sign right next to the Save/Pin button.

Video has 635 Reactions

To “react” to the video, hold down the lightbulb and you will have the 5 options below. To remove a reaction, tap the space where the light bulb is (show be replaced by your reaction).

Pinterest Video Pin Reactions

Fourth: Contact Info Easily Accessible

Probably one of the newest Pinterest features, I only noticed this change around the week of January 20, 2020. With both desktop and mobile views, pinners are now able to email, call or even visit you directly from your profile. Currently, the feature does not seem available on all profiles; however, look for it to be more widespread later. To include your contact information, go to settings and “edit profile.” If you want your address visible, be sure to select “include a retail location.”

This feature may come handy given Pinterest’s nature. Though it’s possible to send direct messages, it’s not common partly due to the fact Pinterest acts more as a search engine and not social media platform. However, it is now easier to direct message on the platform. The icon on the left-side of the “following” tab allows you to send messages to other users. At one point, the messaging option was part of a dropdown menu so not easily seen. With the new icons right on the profile, it may increase contact requests.

Pinterest Features - Information Icon
Pinterest Business Account

When I saw the “i” icon, I was immediately intrigued and wondered what could it mean. I feel many others will think the same and click to learn more which will encourage further engagement. The verdict is still out!

Pinterest Features - Contact Information
Pinterest Business Account Contact Information

Fifth: Promoted Pins

Circling back to the first of the new Pinterest features, we now have promoted pins. Because Pinterest functions as a search engine, it can take some time for pins to generate traffic organically if you do not have a large following. With promoted pins, you can speed up the process. You can create promoted pins from the mobile ads management tab found on your profile.

Promoted pins are much like if you would “boost” a post on Facebook. You can do basic things such as set a budget and use keywords but it doesn’t allow you to go as in-depth as setting the campaign objective, thorough targeting, determining ad placement, tracking and delivery optimization. You’d need to create an ad for those features (must be logged in on desktop or laptop for this feature).

You may have seen promoted pins before and didn’t realize it. Look at the picture below. The Creative Converting 81-Piece Birthday Set is a promoted pin from Bed Bath & Beyond.

How Should You Incorporate These Changes in Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy for 2020?

Keep in mind!

If you are ever wondering if you should go the extra step, the answer is yes. Always think about the customer’s experience. What obstacles do they face? How can you help? Is it easy for them? Convenient? Do you digitally walk them through the process? Things are complicated for you in order to make it easy for them; however, once you build your own system of processes, things will become more efficient.

For those who are using Pinterest organically, I highly suggest that you look at the analytics. You do not have to run ads in order to look at analytics. Find out if your current strategy is working. See if you’re driving traffic to the website. If not, figure out why. FIgure out if you are driving traffic to the website but not getting any leads or sales. See which pin is getting your desired results and determine why the others aren’t. It could be as simple as a broken link or maybe it’s the call-to-action or the copy or poor website design/functionality. If you’re putting your effort into something, make sure it is working. Check your analytics regularly. You may discover something else missing in the puzzle.

Get creative and use different pin formats. As we discussed earlier, you can now upload videos and create shoppable pins. Test them out to see which perform well with your target audience. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Though standard pins still perform well organically; Pinterest has shown a preference to videos. Relevant videos now appear before the standard pins so it is a great way to drive more traffic to your website (see picture below).

Interesting story: I conducted an online survey and none of the respondents knew they could upload videos on Pinterest. This is a great way to jump ahead of the competition. Videos are one of the Pinterest features I look to see used more frequently. Most people know how effective video marketing is and what better way than to repurpose your videos, hook them up to Pinterest SEO, reach a larger group of folks looking for your content and generate more web traffic to either grow your email list or sell more products? Seems like a no-brainer, right?

If you have an online store or sell products, I highly suggest the shoppable pins. Ninety percent of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions and 97% of searches are unbranded meaning they’re not looking for a product by name (look at my search results below). Make it easier for them to discover you and take action!

In addition to videos and shoppable pins, I also believe promoted pins will see a rise. This can be perfect for those with more time-sensitive content and want to get a jumpstart, want results at a faster rate or want to scale. Before you pay for advertising, understand why you’re paying, what is your end goal and does your sales system walk customers through the process to achieve said goal?

Pinterest features: Videos Top of Search Queue

Need help creating a Pinterest marketing strategy for your business?

Which of these new Pinterest features do you look forward to using?

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