How to Make Money on Pinterest

How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2020
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Making money on Pinterest can really be simple once you sit down and determine a few things. There are so many different ways that you can use Pinterest. I, for one, like to use it to generate revenue. Part of that is through lead generation. Yes, I love lead generation! I am currently using Pinterest to gain new skin care clients. I have them opt-in for a free skin care consultation where I gather contact information to follow-up. From there, I then send them a list of products that I currently offer to solve their issues.

Small note on my lead generation:

For Pinterest, I love using my digital business card to capture leads. The pages are optimized for mobile (big plus since over 80% of pinners are using their cell phones). You can create “campaigns” to see where the lead came from or if you’re testing to see what messaging works best. There’s also the ability to create mobile landing pages which is great for highlighting specific products/services/sales. And last but certainly not least, you can schedule follow-ups and make notes for each contact.

So yes, I can see if the lead came from Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn or even printed materials. One of the most important pieces to marketing is knowing what works and what isn’t working. I probably have over 100 campaigns but enough about my digital business card. If you want to test it out, click here to sign up for the free version.

Now, thanks to Pinterest (and other social media), I capture leads daily and it’s long after I’ve made the pin/post. Here’s an email notification and mobile app notification for my skin care campaign:

Oh yea, I also use Pinterest to promote products 🙂

And as I’m writing this blog right now, another lead just came in! The power of Pinterest! This lead came from a pin that is well over 6 months old.

Sidenote: currently, I’m testing to see if tagging products (Pinterest feature) is as effective or more effective than just posting the product (will come back with results).

Imagine creating a pin, hooking it up to SEO, people discovering your pin and then either signing up or purchasing from you.

How to make money on Pinterest

So if you’re wondering how I’m doing it or how I’m able to bring new people wanting to purchase from me, let me break it down for you.

How to make money on Pinterest?

Before we begin…

You must have something to offer.

You don’t make money simply by posting on Pinterest. This should come as good news to many of you because it doesn’t matter your follower count, number of views you get each month or even the number of pins you have. You can start generating revenue with even brand new accounts if you’re patient and have all of the basics down.

There are two main ways to make money on Pinterest:

1) Shoppable Pins or Shop This Look pins – using Pinterest’s platform and online shopping tool to sell products

2) Driving traffic – this is one of the major benefits of Pinterest compared to the other social media platforms

Where to Drive Traffic:

  • Money making blog
  • E-commerce site (products, courses, e-books, etc)
  • Affiliate sites
  • Advertising partners

Driving traffic is the main way to make money on Pinterest (for most of us, especially bloggers).

You can gain Podcast listeners (paid sponsorships), grow email lists, promote your products, sell services, affiliate products, etc.

First things first, you must know your purpose. Why are you doing this? What are you hoping to accomplish?

Pinning thousands of pins and even gaining 1 million monthly viewers doesn’t mean you’ll make money. Nor does being able to send traffic to your blog if you don’t have a strategy behind it.

You want to drive traffic that converts.

Marketing isn’t a museum. You don’t want visitors to just look, learn and leave. You want them to take action.

Natalie Butler

You must be clear…

You have to operate with intent and purpose.

Now before you invest in another social media platform, figure out HOW are you going to use it. What part of your marketing funnel will it play? What is your customer’s buying process? What objections will they have? How will you overcome them?

Once you’ve identified your target market and how to reach them, you are ready to move on to the next point.

To keep things simple, here’s how Pinterest can work for a marketer:
  • Attract + awareness – get the user’s attention
  • Inspect – they click on pin to learn more about how it benefits them
  • Consider – they react to your pin by either pinning it or visiting the link (latter preferred)
  • Authority + acceptance – you can position yourself as the answer to their problem
  • Action – get them to take action on your website

Social media (or Pinterest) won’t do all of the work for you. You are going to have to put some effort into this as well.

What does Pinterest do for you?

In the first three steps: attract/awareness, inspect and consider, Pinterest will partner with you. You attract people interested in your solution and build awareness of your solution through having a decent pin design, appropriate keywords and description. Once they are aware, they then click to learn more about how this may solve their issue. If they find it valuable, they’ll either pin/save it to visit later (which also shares with friends and increases exposure) or they’ll click to learn more and position themselves to take action now.

Once they’re over on the other side (your website), it’s all on you. This is why generating traffic is only part of the puzzle. You’ve finally got them in your home. Now are you gonna make it worth their while? Did they get what they came for?

You always want to make sure your efforts are working so if you’re not generating enough traffic, I’d highly suggest you look at your SEO strategy.

how to make money on Pinterest
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What do you need to do? What is the missing piece to the puzzle?

Action! As marketers we often see, hear or even create call-to-actions. It seems so tedious and even we become annoyed with them so we quickly ignore them. We kind of think of it as a given; however, let’s turn the tables for a sec.

We’ve all been guided before and taught how to act whether we know it or not.

If you’ve never been to a place before, would you know how to act and what to do? Think about your first day of high school or college. Did you just walk into the building, pick a room, sit down, take a test, pass and graduate? Probably not, right? You either met with a counselor or principal. Had assessments. Created a school schedule. Then, on the first day of class, received a syllabus and grading rubric so you’d know what was expected of you and what you could expect from that school year.

Every page that you are directing traffic to should have a call-to-action and it should fit into your marketing roadmap. For many, this will be the first time they’ve ever landed on your website. Are you really just going to assume they know what to do?

If you’re driving traffic to a blog and there’s no sign up form, how will they know that you want them to stay up-to-date? And if they wanted to, how will they if it’s not available for them to take action?

You can’t be afraid to ask for the sale. Sometimes people need a gentle push.

Why Do I Use Lead Captures?

Now, going back to the beginning of the blog, I showed screenshots of new leads coming in. Marketers have found that most of your web traffic leave your website and never return. This is due to many reasons including the website not being visibly appealing, too congested, didn’t find what they were looking for, or even something as simple as they became busy or distracted and forgot. People need to see the same messaging multiple times before they take action. Of course, there’s the one person who sees a message and instantly acts but unfortunately, this may come far and few in-between. So don’t give up. Focus on the relationship!

There are two main ways you can still build relationships even after they’ve left the site: organic or paid. With some more technical skills, you can install “internet tracking devices” such as Facebook Pixel or Google and Pinterest tracking links. You can then retarget visitors you landed on your site within the last 30 days, 60 days. etc. Of course, it gets way more technical than this but I just wanted to briefly cover it.

Then there’s organic way: using email, Facebook groups, webinars, conferences, etc. When you’re able to communicate frequently and regularly with your target audience, you’re able to break down barriers, handle objections and effectively close the sale!

You can use a combination of both paid and organic methods. You’ll commonly see many pages have some sort of lead capture such as newsletter sign up or if you visit an e-commerce site, they usually offer a discount in exchange for your email address. Also, some suggestions for you.

So if you really want to know how to make money on Pinterest, be prepared for the following.

Questions You Must Be Prepared to Answer When Determining How to Make Money on Pinterest:

So as we discussed earlier, driving traffic is just half the battle. Conversions happen when you’ve: 1) found your target market more likely to see value in your proposition 2) positioned yourself as the answer and 3) made it easy for them to obtain the solution.

Don’t just get them to the website and expect them to know what to do!

Look at the overall strategy and determine exactly how you are going to make money on Pinterest:

  • What is your goal?
  • What is the buying process? How long does it typically take? How much time do you need to spend on building relationships? What do they need to see in order to make a decision? Testimonials, case studies, etc?
  • Why are you taking them to this website? How will this website help you reach your goal?
  • What can they expect from the website?
  • Is the site visibly appealing: organized, clear, concise, objective, easy to read and understand?
  • Did they receive what you promised them in order to get them to the website?
  • Does the website answer the “what’s in it for me” factor?
  • How can you guide them to the next step in the buying process?
  • Is the next step clear to them?
  • Can they complete an EASY action in order to reach the next step?

What can you offer that will encourage them to take the next step? Is it painless or risk-free?

Natalie Butler

Then finally, you want to have a strong call-to-action (CTA). They don’t know your business or marketing strategy. You do. Don’t expect them to know it or do it. So help them navigate through it!

Traffic + Action = Conversions $$

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner looking for how to make money on Pinterest or ways to to use Pinterest in your business? Connect with us on Facebook!

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