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create video pins in 2020
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Create video pins? Sounds easier said than done, right? You probably won’t believe me when I say this but I am NOT creative. Nope. Not the least. Wanna know how bad my “art” is? I got kicked out of Art class when I was in high school. Like full blown kicked out. The art teacher was so mad at me, she had security come to escort me out! And here I was, thinking beauty was in the eye of the beholder!!

Apparently, I missed the memo.

Needless to say, I had to take a class in place of Art and decided on Information Technology. Go figure, right? Yea, I know… whatever…

If you’re thinking, you don’t have any design skills or you don’t know how to make things look pretty, here’s the good news:

  1. I still suck at art
  2. I found a service so people don’t know how bad I suck

Even with my horrible design skills and lack of knowing how to make things look pretty, I’ve still been able to create pins that drive traffic on Pinterest! It’s called Canva! I use it to make my social media and blog graphics. Not to toot my own horn, but I think they look pretty darn good!

Canva’s New Feature

Now, you’ve probably heard of it already which is good but here’s something I recently noticed: they’ve included a new format for Pinterest Video Pins! THIS…IS….GOLDEN!

Most people don’t know that you can upload videos on Pinterest but yes, it’s a thing and it’s growing. If you’re not doing it, you need to start NOW.

The fact that Canva has Video Pins now? You guys!! This is amazing! It’s the perfect way to make your videos look even more professional and eye-catching. Also, they are optimized for the Pinterest feed because they are vertical! Canva formatted it to have the same dimensions as the traditional pins since those perform better on the platform.

And yes, you can even use your old content to generate new traffic! For instance, you can take your old horizontal video, create a quick snippet and pop it into Canva to get results!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the blog where I walk you through  How to Upload Videos on Pinterest the RIGHT way.

Here are a few pins I’ve created with Canva recently:

Not bad, right? I probably won’t win an award for them but I’m still learning, practicing and growing. As far as I’m concerned, that’s all that matters.

How to Create Video Pins with Canva

Believe it or not, it’s really quite simple. Canva has made it super easy to create video pins. No matter if you’re using the mobile app or you’re using a desktop pc, you can create video pins.

Using mobile, in the search bar where it says “search over 60,000 templates”, just type in “Pinterest” and you’ll see “Pinterest Video Pin”. They’ll even show you the videos playing and you can watch you cute little puppy tilt his head 🙂

Mobile view:

Create video pins

Using desktop, in the field that says “try ‘Newsletter'”, type in “Pinterest Video” and you should see it pop up there.

Desktop view:

Create video pins

I strongly encourage you to try it out! Don’t worry about it being perfect. Start off using the templates then as you become more comfortable, start freehand designing. As you practice more, you’ll get better. But while you’re getting better, you’ll also be getting results. So go for it!

Want to know how to use Pinterest for your business?

Already creating pins? I wanna hear from you! What’s your favorite tool?

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