Stop Wasting Time on Pinterest if You Want Results

stop wasting time on Pinterest

Stop wasting time on Pinterest if you want to get results. When I first got started with Pinterest, I knew one thing: I didn’t want to waste my time. I didn’t have time to sit on Pinterest all day every day and I don’t encourage you to do it either.

Recently, I scrolled across a post that told people “how to use Pinterest for business.” As a Pinterest influencer, and someone who uses Pinterest to gain new leads and sales, I checked it out. I was seriously shocked by the information floating around.

Sidenote: it’s still weird hearing me call myself a Pinterest influencer but over the last 90 days, I have a total audience of 9.76 million people. What else do you call yourself at this point?

Now, I’m going to share with you the things I see being recommended and why I personally don’t suggest them. I would never recommend something that I’m not doing or haven’t done and I would never tell any of my coaching clients to do these things either.

How to Stop Wasting Time on Pinterest

Reiterating Pinterest mistake 1…

In my top 12 Pinterest mistakes to avoid, the number one mistake is treating Pinterest like a social media platform. Because most people do, they recommend things that won’t necessarily work on Pinterest or won’t be as effective. Therefore, only taking up your time and discouraging you from using the platform.

I don’t want you to lose faith in Pinterest. It is a goldmine for entrepreneurs, marketers and anyone looking to increase visibility and drive traffic.

I want you to operate with intent and purpose. When you are on Pinterest, be purposeful.

When you are clear on what you’re doing, you’ll stop wasting time on Pinterest. You won’t spend time focusing on activities that may or may not get you the results you’re looking for. You have to know what you are doing and why. This is will help you free up time while still getting your desired results.

Here are some “strategies” that I see being recommended and why I personally don’t recommend them.

1. Follow New People Daily

First, I’ve already talked about why you shouldn’t focus on Pinterest followers here. To keep this blog short, I won’t go over it again but you can check out the older blog to learn more.

Secondly, let’s put you in the position of the marketer or the person being followed. Pinterest doesn’t notify you of each individual follower. Instead, they group these notifications together so you’ll see something like “Natalie Butler and 17 others followed all your boards.”

Pinterest will send this notification multiple times a day to alert you each time you have a significant number of new followers. This notification is blended in with the other notifications:

  • Who repinned your content
  • Who followed your specific board
  • When your friend follows another account
  • Boards/topics that Pinterest thinks you’ll like (based upon the type of content you publish)

Unless you only have 1 follower and no one is repinning your content, you’re not going back through your notifications trying to sift through all of these notifications.

Literally, you’re receiving notifications every hour multiple times an hour. This notification gets buried because you’re more than likely receiving way more notifications since people are constantly repinning your pins.

Another reason….

Third: following people allows you to see their first pins of the day but in order to see most of them, you’ll have to go over to the “Following” tab. Rarely will their pins show in your smart feed unless it’s considered highly relevant to the type of content you’re interested in. More than likely, you’d have to really scroll down in the smart feed to see their pins — IF they even show.

Now because Pinterest opens up with the smart feed or the “For You” tab, most people don’t even use the “Following” tab. So there’s a good chance, you won’t even see their content in order to engage with it. You’d have to make a concerted effort to do so which only makes you spend more time on the platform and for results you’re more than likely not going to get.

2. Comment on Influencer Pins Daily

Again, Pinterest is not really a social media platform. This isn’t necessary. Not to mention, we (Pinterest influencers) don’t receive notifications that someone has commented on our pins. Since 2018, I can count on one hand how many times Pinterest has notified me that someone commented on a pin. Yet, I have pins that have HUNDREDS on comments. So if you’re doing this in an attempt to get the influencer’s attention, stop… you’re wasting your time.

Usually when people comment on pins, it’s to voice their opinion, not necessarily to engage in an ongoing conversation. Think about YouTube comments. Usually a person posts their comment and then they leave, right? They don’t sit around waiting on others to comment. More than likely, they won’t go back to check for new comments either. By this time, they’ve already focused on a new video they’ve found.

Trying to build meaningful conversations in the comment section just won’t be the best way to use your time on Pinterest. It’s just not that type of community.

3. Respond to Pin Comments

Again, repeating #2. More than likely, you will not receive a notification that someone has commented on your pin. If you’re pinning daily and consistently, you’re going to have way too many pins to go back, check each of them and reply. Just push forward and focus on publishing content for your community. If you just so happen to get the rare notification that someone has commented on your pin, sure. Go back to reply but don’t let your time be spent chasing comments and trying to see if someone commented on each of your pins.


All of the suggestions/recommendations above are the results of people treating Pinterest like a social media platform. In order to master Pinterest marketing, you have to understand one thing first: it is a search engine aka a discovery tool. Pinterest will help you get discovered IF you do it right. So there’s really no need to try to “speed up” the process by doing these things. Focus on being effective and efficiently managing your time on Pinterest.

In order to be effective, you have to remember their intent. Most people are on Pinterest looking for either ideas, inspiration or information. This is solely about them. They’re not going to be “social.” They don’t care about what you ate for breakfast, keeping up with what you do daily or even small talk. They’re looking for a solution! So keep that in mind!

So what do you say? Did I just save you a bunch of time? Or did I put your mind at ease by knowing that you don’t have to do all of this to get results on Pinterest?

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