How Often Should You Pin on Pinterest in 2020

How Often Should You Pin on Pinterest in 2020

How often should you pin on Pinterest in 2020 seems to be the question for many entrepreneurs. What’s too much? What’s too little? How do I make sure I’m getting results, right?

I think I’ve said this before, but let me just reiterate. When I joined Pinterest and decided to take it seriously, I knew that I did not want to waste my time. I didn’t want to spend time following people, commenting on pins, or even direct messaging people.

My focus was growing my business in the most efficient way possible. This also meant not spending countless hours, falling down the Pinterest trap, and pinning tons of irrelevant content. In order to be successful, I had to be strategic.

First, I realized I needed a system:

  • Attract viewers
  • Drive traffic
  • Build my email list
  • Close sales


The first step to attracting viewers is by building a community of like-minded people who share a common interest.

In order to do this, you must pin!

How Often Did I Pin

Since the day I first got started with Pinterest, I have pinned no more than 20 pins in a day. That was on a good day when I found content I just had to share with my audience; however, I average about 15 pins per day. I’ve been doing this for over a year. My views continue to increase but more important: I’m driving THOUSANDS of viewers to MY websites.

How Often Should You Pin on Pinterest in 2020

How Often Should You Pin on Pinterest in 2020

You’ll see some people suggest pinning 50-100 times per day or even up to 3,000 pins in a month! So they’ll have tons of “views” but hardly ever does it correlate to the amount of traffic their website receives. I don’t recommend this. There’s no method behind their madness.

You’re not just a content curator, you are a content creator.

The objective should be to get more eyes on your content. When you can build a community of people who are interested in a certain topic, they will be more receptive to your message.

Just think: if you went into a steakhouse and tried to promote an all plant-based diet, they’d probably boo you or kick you out the door, right? However, if you went to fitness club and promoted an all natural energy supplement, they’d probably be more receptive than the steakhouse, right?

You have to know your audience. When you do, you’re able to tailor your content and messaging to increase conversions!

So instead of focusing on just pinning until your eyes turn red, be strategic. Build a community of people who WANT to hear from you about a specific topic. Remember, Pinterest loves relevancy! Make sure the content you pin is relevant to your target audience. This is more important than the number of pins that you publish each day.

Now if you’re pinning 50 pins per day, I suggest that you stop. Seriously, you’re probably not driving that much traffic to YOUR site anyway. You’re spending more time promoting another person’s business. Be strategic.

Finally, to the question, how often should you pin on Pinterest*? I recommend that you pin anywhere from 10-25 pins per day including your own pins.

*Things can change but this is what is working currently.

Not sure you can pin 10-25 times per day?

Just like you, I thought “there was no way in hell I can pin that much.” Like how? I don’t even have that many blogs or things to talk about! I was just getting started and hadn’t even created a consistent publishing schedule! Listen, I didn’t know what I was going to pin, let alone when.

Now remember, Pinterest loves consistency. You can’t just pop up this week and take a break for a year. It doesn’t work like that. You want to sit down and have a consistent schedule. Be strategic. Be purposeful. Plan your Pinterest time. It’s well worth it IF you want to continue sending traffic to your website and driving sales even when you’re off the platform!

If you don’t have enough time to pin manually, I recommend that you use a free tool like Tailwind.

Don’t Pin on Pinterest This Way in 2020

Pinterest will not reward you for being lazy.


– Repinning your own content to 15+ boards just to say you’ve pinned 15x that day plus that’s spam no matter where you go

– Hopping over to the newsfeed and pinning anything that shows up – remember your ideal audience

Reminders, Tips and Ideas:

– If you’re limited on time, only pin to your top 5-6 boards that were created to bring in your ideal audience. Then pin to each of them 2-3 times.

– Set aside time to pin or break your pinning sessions up. Be purposeful. You don’t need that much time on Pinterest to pin. This isn’t time to find a recipe for tonight’s dinner or pick out your next outfit. Remember this is your BUSINESS time.

– Quality over quantity: I’d rather you focus on only pinning 5 QUALITY pins over 50 ill-placed, poorly titled pins.

– Don’t repin the same non-producing pins. If you have pins that haven’t pin optimized for Pinterest (wrong size, no keywords or missing website link), now is the time to use all of the new Pinterest info you’ve gained and fully optimize those pins to start bringing traffic in!

– Pinterest loves “fresh” pins. Instead of pinning the same pin multiple times, create new pin images for the same blog, website, landing page, etc. Test to see which graphic style your audience relates to most!

– Repurpose your content! You’ve already made it! Cut it up. Edit it. Fit to the Pinterest platform and let Pinterest start driving traffic to it!

– Check your analytics. If you decide to pin less, make sure you are still achieving the desired results. Though I recommend 10-25 pins, you may find that there is a “soft” spot for you and your audience. Maybe it’s 12, maybe it’s 7. Who knows? Check your analytics and make sure you’re still driving traffic to your website with the decreased amount of pins…

But I guarantee, QUALITY will beat QUANTITY any time so make sure you’re using the right images and have them fully optimized for the Pinterest search engine!

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