How to Create Pinterest Boards Using Desktop

Before you can pin, you must have Pinterest boards!

Here is what I recommend:

  1. Operate with intent and purpose! No random boards, no thoughts of “I don’t know what I’m doing”, “let me just throw something up here” or “oh well!”
  2. Get clear on your ideal audience and who you’re targeting
  3. Use the Pinning for Winning Workbook to locate your keywords and hop in the Facebook group to practice or ask questions
  4. Take the keywords and place them in the Board Name
  5. Go back to edit the board and include Board Description and Category – this is *very important*
  6. Now that you’ve created and optimized your board with keywords, description and category, pin related content!

Think of boards as peels of a banana. Each “layer’ is different and unique, right? But together, they come up to enclose the banana. Your business is the banana and each “peel” is certain piece that can be used to describe you or your ideal audience. By properly titling each board, you’re telling your audience what all you’re about and from there, they’ll be able to learn more, choose to follow and more — become a customer!


If you have a fashion boutique, you may have tops, bottoms, or jewelry, right? For easier shopping, you wouldn’t just load everything up on your website and tell people to figure it out, right? No! You’d have different pages for each product category. Do the same for Pinterest! Instead of one broad board, you should have boards that clearly separates the three different departments!

Or if you are in health and wellness and offer meal plans, you may have meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner, right? Don’t you think some people are looking specifically for breakfast or snack ideas? Wouldn’t it easy just to go that section without all the riff raff. Separate them so your ideal audience can easily find what they’re interested in!

Think about when you go to, they don’t just lump everything on their website. There’s a separate page for Makeup, Skincare and the various products. Or Macy’s breaks their online store down by “departments.” Your online store should be easy to navigate. Your profile should be easy to navigate.

Now that you have that, with these newly created and optimized boards, you’ll be able to bring traffic in looking specifically for that idea or inspiration 😉

And like I said above, make sure that you are putting RELEVANT pins in those boards. If your board is for skincare for teens, it shouldn’t have a pin in there about “how to get remove an ingrown toenail.”

Published by chicagosnatalie

Natalie is a Certified Weight Loss and Mindset Coach empowering ambitious women to get OUT of their heads and out of their own way by tapping into their subconscious mind to rewire, reframe and remove old patterns, beliefs, habits, self-sabotaging behaviors, and fear so they can FINALLY get their minds to work FOR them and crush their goals with TRUE confidence, happiness and a deeper sense of self-love 💚

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