Pinterest SEO: Test Your Marketing Strategy

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Pinterest SEO is one of the most important factors of having an effective Pinterest marketing strategy. Stats show that Pinterest drives over 1600x more traffic than Facebook, even though Facebook is the largest social media platform! Because Pinterest functions as a search engine, you can target your ideal audience by focusing on search terms they’re likely to use. Then directing that traffic to your website. This is why using cute captions that you see on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/Tik Tok won’t work on Pinterest. Check out my list of 12 Pinterest mistakes to avoid here.

Though there are some design recommendations such as vertical pins over square, you do not need to have the best looking pin to drive traffic to your website. You can do this by optimizing your content for the search engine.

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Five New Pinterest Features for 2020

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As of January 2020, Pinterest is now officially the third largest social media platform — taking the thrown from our dearly loved, Snapchat! It’s been less than a year since Pinterest decided to become a public company and I have no doubt the platform will continue to grow! As such, more entrepreneurs and small business owners are exploring the possibility of adding Pinterest to their existing marketing strategy but not sure yet how Pinterest could be used for business. Most of us use Pinterest to plan personal events and goals but aren’t sure how to even use Pinterest for business. So let’s discuss some new Pinterest features that are perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, influencers and bloggers.

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Videos on Pinterest: How to Create Video Pins

Videos on Pinterest? Is that a thing? Did you know? No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I did an online survey and 100% of the respondents didn’t know either 🤷🏽‍♀️

But we ALL know how incredibly effective video marketing can be. You see videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and now, they’re on Pinterest!

This can be a dream come true for entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers!

If you’re already creating videos, there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t be on Pinterest.

Let me show you how to upload and optimize your videos for the Pinterest search engine!

How to Upload Videos on Pinterest

How to Upload Video on Pinterest

Be sure to make sure you are doing this on a Desktop PC!

1: Create Pin

The very first step is to create a pin. Once you click the red ‘Plus’ in the top right corner, you’ll be prompted to select “Create Pin” or “Create Ad.” Because we’re focused on organic marketing, be sure to select “Create Pin.” Yes, I am going to show you how to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and make money online without spending a penny!

2: Add Video

Next, you want to make sure to add the desired video. Be sure you are uploading video and not the picture or cover image in this step. You will only have the option add “tags” if you are uploading a video.

3: Select Video Cover Image

Then you want to include your video cover image. Pinners will see the cover image first and decide whether or not they want to watch the video to learn more. Aim for intriguing cover images. If you can’t grab a good still shot from the video or you have a better image, be sure to include your own. To select image from video, slide the dial left or right underneath the video. If you’d like to include your own, click the upload image to the right of the scrollbar.

Before we proceed, it is important that you understand Pinterest is a search engine. This will expand your reach, bring new viewers to you and ensure you are getting the most out of the platform. You can download the Pinterest marketing workbook here.

4: Add Title

Now, unfortunately, I see many people leaving this section open or including irrelevant titles such as captions you’d typically see on other social media platforms. Because Pinterest is a search engine, it doesn’t operate like Facebook or Instagram. You have to know what your audience is looking for and position yourself as the answer. This is done by appropriately titling your videos. Pinners have a specific purpose, they are not on Pinterest to see random videos. They searched for an idea, inspiration or education on a specific topic. Use your keywords to put your video in their faces. Not sure how? Be sure to download the Pinterest marketing workbook.

5: Add Description

Do not miss this opportunity. With the pin title, it tells pinners what the video is but the description tells pinners what the video is about. Sometimes titles don’t thoroughly explain what pinners are looking at or give them a reason to click play and learn more. Not only can you use this space to describe the video but you could also use it to bring in more of your target viewers by using keywords and also include your call-to-action.

6: Add Tags

You will only see tags if you are using a Desktop PC so it is imperative that you do so! I can’t stress this enough! Tags help Pinterest place your video in a category that will be searched by Pinterest users. This will increase your visibility. With the pin title and pin description, pinners can find your video by looking for a specific term. With tags, they can find you by looking for a category and see related videos in that category. Tags attracts more viewers on a broader level.

7: Include Destination Link

Now that you’ve included the pin title, pin description and tags, you want to make sure you’re including a destination link or website or source. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest encourages pinners to leave the platform. They won’t receive those weird warning messages telling them the website may be potentially dangerous or asking them if they’re sure that they want to leave the platform 👀 This is the perfect time and place to build your email list, grow blog viewers/subscribers, drive traffic to e-commerce site, gain podcast listeners or whatever you desire! Never leave this space empty! If pinners are interested in learning more about your pin, you want to make it easy for them. A click is more convenient than opening a web browser, going back to the source and eventually finding the website link to enter.

8: Select When to Publish Pin

This step can be considered optional. Most of us will pin at that very moment and it works depending on when we’re on the platform. However, you have to consider your timing and strategy. If it’s 4 a.m., it may not be the best time to pin. Pinterest allows you to schedule the pin. This can save you time and also allows you to automate your efforts (somewhat). It can save you a great deal of time but also make sure that you are optimizing your efforts by pinning when more people are likely to see it.

9: Select Appropriate Board

Relevancy is the name of the game. You want to make sure you are pinning to relevant boards. Throw away any thoughts you have of Pinterest being a regular social media platform. No one is searching for boards titled “…” So you want to make sure you are placing the pin in an appropriate board. This will improve your search engine optimization so either pin to appropriate board or create board that has been optimized to bring in new viewers looking for that specific content.

10: Hit ‘Publish’

Finally! I know it was a long time coming! Geesh! Who would’ve thought 10 steps required to upload videos on Pinterest?!? Whew! It is officially done. Congrats and thank you so much for staying until the end. If you follow the steps above, you will see your videos gain traction, begin to be “saved” and see pinners clicking on your website to learn more. In order for this to be effective, you must understand how to use Pinterest as a search engine in order to bring pinners to you. If you don’t know how, be sure to download my Pinterest marketing workbook below and join us in the Facebook group for other tips and Pinterest hacks.

Video Pins: How to Upload Videos on Pinterest

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12 Reasons Why Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

What Can a Pinterest Marketing Strategist Do for You?

What exactly is a Pinterest strategist?

A Pinterest marketing strategist is an expert in social media marketing with a focus on the platform, Pinterest. A Pinterest marketing strategist will help you streamline the marketing process and take the guesswork out of your social media marketing strategy as it relates to Pinterest.

Now here are some things that you want to look for when you are hiring or even learning from a person who claims to be a Pinterest marketing strategist:

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The Secret to My Pinterest Marketing Strategy: How I Reach 4.9 Million Monthly Viewers

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The secret to my Pinterest marketing strategy:

Curating content is a big piece of my Pinterest marketing strategy for a number of reasons.

As you all know, I average over 4 million monthly viewers on Pinterest (stats below). I’d be lying if I said it all came from publishing my own content. Remember in this blog where I discussed creating the user experience? By sharing others’ content, I’m able to better serve my target audience.

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3 Things You Must Do to Have a Killer Pinterest Marketing Strategy

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Confession: when I first started my Pinterest account, I didn’t have a Pinterest marketing strategy. I also wasn’t one of the early adopters so I didn’t have a bunch of followers just because I placed my stake in the sand early on. I had to start from scratch. Probably the same thing you’re doing right now. I was on the platform, had no sense of direction much less any knowledge of how to actually use Pinterest for business. Another moment of truth: I didn’t even know you could use Pinterest for business.

I stumbled upon its capabilities by mistake. I pinned a blog years before. Had forgotten all about it! As I was looking at my blog stats, I realized the pin was still driving traffic to my blog years later — despite the facts: I wasn’t on the platform much, didn’t even know how to really use the platform and didn’t have a bunch of followers to do the work for me. It caused me to take a second look at Pinterest.

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Forget About Pinterest Followers: Launch Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy Now

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Every time I talk to someone about Pinterest marketing strategy, I usually get mixed reactions. After they realize Pinterest isn’t just for recipes and DIYs, it’s followed by “I don’t even know how to use it.”

I tell every entrepreneur, small business owner, coach and consultant that they need to be on Pinterest. 

Pinterest is great for reaching people while they decide what to buy or even what to do next. Most people go to Pinterest to research, plan, find inspiration or a solution to a specific problem. About 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded meaning they’re not looking for a specific brand or product, they’re looking for a solution. Let your solution be the one they find.

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Pinterest Marketing: 12 Mistakes to Avoid

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What is Pinterest?

Before we talk about Pinterest marketing strategy, let’s talk about what is Pinterest first. Pinterest is a search engine. It’s meant for discovery. This is where people go to find solutions, ideas and inspiration.

The internet is swarming with new content each and everyday.

Think of Pinterest as “the best of the best on the internet.” It’s a way for users to bookmark what they’ve found to be helpful.

What does this mean for you as an entrepreneur or marketer?

If they pin your content, you are gaining credibility and authority which will strengthen your marketing strategy. Word-of-mouth advertising will always  be

Pinterest Marketing Strategies
Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Work

effective! If someone is pinning your content, they’re endorsing you so their friends, family and followers can discover you as well. You are increasing your total exposure. Pinterest is the perfect way to drive traffic to your site in order to generate more leads and business.

One way to get the ball rolling is to make sure that YOU are pinning your content.

Currently, I average over 4 million monthly viewers per month on Pinterest with close to a 9% engagement rate! I’ve used Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog, e-commerce site, appointment booking sites, lead capture pages and even Youtube videos. The possibilities really are endless. If you’re thinking you don’t have time to learn about another social media site, trust me, I was just like you but this is where Pinterest has proven to be worth it many times over!

Having a Pinterest marketing strategy is crucial!

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Using Facebook Groups to Gain New Customers

Facebook groups can be a great way to build a sense of community. When you have community, people are more likely to share goals as well as issues they may be facing because they TRUST you in this private place.

Do you have a Facebook group? If not, seriously consider it 🤔

Here’s what you see:

👁 A pinned post so all new members see it as soon as they join
👁 Educational video – most people value knowledge especially when you’re solving issue
👁 Call-to-action (this is how you convert friends, followers and group members — turn those likes/views into paying customers)

You’ll also see the URL to one of my digital business cards 👀. This card is set-up so that they have to give contact info which helps me build relationships later (especially if they don’t purchase at first).

The incentive for giving contact info is a discount on their order. I don’t give the discount freely so this is an added bonus. 👸🏽

Remember, most people want to know the answer to this question: what’s in it for me🤔?

Before you (the entrepreneur) ask for something, you have to give something.

I gave value first by educating (one of the 3Es).

Remember, don’t be afraid to actually reach out to group members to introduce yourself and let them know you’re available to address specific concerns 💡

Expert tip: using Facebook tool, I have questionnaire for anyone requesting to join group. I like to include spot for email or contact information. I’ve had several Facebook folks lose their accounts but they’re customers. Good thing I don’t need to search for them again.

For more tips, join my free Facebook group.

Personal Branding and Content Creation Strategy Hack to Help You Sleep Better at Night

Do You Have a Personal Branding Strategy?

Part of building your personal brand is showing you — your person 🙀

People buy from people who they feel connected to in some way so showing you and NOT hiding behind a logo or company photo is crucial.

Consistency is key. You MUST show up constantly for your audience 🗝

It’s actually non-negotiable which is why I wanted to share this little hack with you 👩🏽‍💻

My Personal Branding Challenge:

Working from home, I don’t get dressed up as often as I should 😔 (I’m on a personal mission to dress up more often even if I don’t need to leave the house).

Naturally, I don’t have a “good” or different picture of me to post each day.

Being in the beauty/health industry 💄, it’s important that I showcase our products or at least the quality of our products.

Today: I created a month’s worth of photos and have stored them for future use.📆

Meal-Prep Hack 🍓:

✔️ On your “good” photo day, take multiple good photos — don’t stop when you get that one GOOD photo (ladies, you know what I mean)
✔️ Using your content calendar, plan to share one of those good photos at least once per week (your audience should see you enough to at least be able to identify you — have a strategy and aim for one photo per week)
✔️ Use a social media post scheduler (shared these tools in Facebook group; Facebook has its own scheduler)

You can use this for any product-based industry:

💍 jewelry and accessories industry: take photos wearing each piece. Got 10 pieces? Get 10 good pictures and schedule them out. You don’t have to upload them all at once.

🏋️🏽‍ health and wellness: take photos of you exercising, pre- and post-workout photos, show your before and after, a picture of you drinking shake/supplements, etc. Got dramatic results? Take photos in clothing that shows the difference or at least make it evident that you’ve lost weight or toned up.

👗 fashion: take pictures with multiple poses and wearing multiple clothing pieces. Only post one piece at a time. Unless you have a LARGE inventory, you do not need to upload an entire gallery of photos. One picture or two or three pictures showcasing the same item from different angles is fine.

👩🏽‍🎓 Personal branding: if you’re not showcasing a certain product, you can use the different photos to make a different statement (think about the 3 Es: empower, educate and entertain)

The picture included in this blog will be posted later. Yes, you just got the sneak peek😂 I have an “empowering” statement to make with it. With the other three photos, I have one for education (giving tip), entertaining (telling a beauty-related story) and then I’ll have my one BUSINESS post (hard-selling, curiosity, etc).

Don’t be afraid to recycle, reuse or repurpose your old photos. Even a simple “throwback” picture from a month ago will help.

You took those pictures. Make them work FOR YOU!

Hey 👋🏽

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