Pinterest Marketing Workbook for Entrepreneurs

Pinterest marketing

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Pinterest marketing
Download Pinterest Marketing for Beginners Workbook

It’s officially 2020. If you are looking to do something different, NOW is the time. While everyone is focusing on Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest just creeped in to become the 3rd largest social media platform. Be a step ahead of the competition and learn how to position your business/brand on Pinterest. It is the only platform that encourages users to visit YOUR website so that you can INCREASE WEB TRAFFIC, SHOWCASE PRODUCTSBUILD YOUR E-MAIL LIST and even AUTOMATE your marketing process so you spend less time IN your business and more time ON your business!

The average post or status lives less than ONE day on Facebook and Instagram whereas pins on Pinterest have a half-life of over 4 months! This means your pins will continue to circulate well after you’ve pinned it and because Pinterest is a search engine, it will continue to bring new users looking specifically for YOUR solution.

Let me show you how to put your solution in their faces to increase awareness, loyalty, streamline your marketing process and deliver a stream of people looking to do business with YOU!

Ready to transform your Pinterest account? Download the Pinning for Winning Workbook that will get you on the way!

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