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Social Media Consultant | Pinterest Marketing Strategist Natalie Butler

Why did I want to become a social media consultant?

Being a social media consultant kinda comes second nature to me. I’ve always been fascinated by technology. I still remember the days of palm pilots and PDAs. No, I’m not talking about kissing your spouse in public. I’m talking about Personal Digital Assistants. Give me a tech device and I could be on my own for days! Seeing how technology could impact our lives opened my mind up to an endless world of possibilities. When I was just in high school, I remember having a Brother Notebook (yep, black/white, no color) and I started affiliate marketing. Of course, I failed. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing then but I didn’t give up. Over the years, with my job and my personal interests, I learned a great deal about social media and more than learning, I love sharing what I’ve learned to help others. I learned how to sell online which is one of the most difficult tasks to complete. Seeing other entrepreneurs struggle and give up on their dreams crushed me.

What do I do as a social media consultant?

I show entrepreneurs and small business owners how to show up and stand out online in their most authentic self! Whether you are just getting started with social media or maybe you’ve been on social media for a while but not sure how to get the results you’re looking for, I provide direction on which social media platform is best for you, when to post, how to post, how to reach your target audience, how to build a personal brand and of course, how to market your products/services. In addition to this, I teach entrepreneurs how to use Pinterest for business.

Social media consultant and Pinterest marketing strategist

What about my professional experience?

My degree is in Business with a specialization in sales and marketing. I started my professional career as a sales representative. Quickly promoted to sales recruiter. While working as a sales recruiter, I became a freelance recruiter for companies looking to hire technology professionals in software development and programming and also software sales professionals. While in corporate, I went on to lead the Human Resources department. From there, I was promoted to Director of Operations. We specialized in lead generation for education, finances and real estate partners.

What do I feel helped me become a social media consultant?

Being a recruiter, I had to learn how to use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to find candidates. I was able to source candidates, interview and help onboard all without leaving the house! I was closing 4- and 5-figure deals all because of technology! A lot of my success came from learning how to use the different platforms. You cannot treat each platform the same. Eventually, I became an independent sales representative in the beauty industry. I did tons of research and because I was 1) short on time due to work schedules and 2) just wasn’t going to do them anyway, I looked for ways to sell without attending in-person parties and tradeshows. I learned a different facet of social media: how to sell.

Natalie Butler - Pinterest Marketing Strategist

What’s my personality type?

Color: RED
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: INFP-T

I’m very honest and passionate about helping others. I love to learn new things. I dig deep and explore versus reading old, possibly outdated, information. I feel it’s my responsibility to share this new information with others in order to help them be the best. I feel my absolute best when I’m helping someone else. I’m kinda quirky. I love to laugh and make others smile so you can usually find me saying something weird, random and sometimes funny — most often, out of place. I have this weird ability to turn every negative into a positive and I turn obstacles into opportunities.

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American Pit Bull Terrier: Reverse Brindle Pitbull

Meet Smoke

We rescued Smoke from a home that had 17 other dogs when he was only 7 weeks old! He’ll be 3 in August 2020! He’s our baby. He’s full of character. He’s sweet, caring, loyal, silly, stubborn and he learned to embrace his stalker tendencies early on so if you see him staring at me, it’s nothing personal — he can’t help himself. When I’m out in the field, meeting clients, I like to bring Smoke with me. He loves to meet new people and he even feels as if he deserves it!

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to chatting with you soon! Feel free to check out the blog for social media and Pinterest tips here.

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