Social Media Consultant

Who is Natalie?

Social Media Consultant | Pinterest Marketing Strategist Natalie Butler

Beauty Consultant

As a survivor of domestic violence, Natalie took up a special interest in beauty. It became a creative outlet, allowed her to freely and creatively express herself without fear of judgement or rejection and eventually gave her the courage she needed to start over. In 2015, Natalie followed her passion and began helping women look and feel their absolute best through proper makeup and skincare application, education and technique!

Helping women control acne, heal old acne scars, achieve healthier glowing skin and regain their confidence is one of the best feelings in the world! There’s nothing more powerful than a woman comfortable in her own skin which is why Natalie early shares the latest beauty tips and trends on her personal blog.

Social Media Consultant and Pinterest Marketing Strategist

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Natalie graduated with a degree in marketing and held the position of Director of Operations at an internet marketing company specializing in lead generation. Using both the skills she’d learned working full-time in corporate America and the new skills she’d developed in her own business, she now teaches other entrepreneurs how to properly use social media to create and build a powerful brand online.

Social media consultant and Pinterest marketing strategist

Business Mentor

As a business mentor, Natalie personally works with women throughout the US. By providing the proper resources and skills, Natalie helps them obtain the dream of entrepreneurship by allowing them to pursue their passions and teaching them how to run successful businesses from home.

What’s my personality type?

Color: RED
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: INFP-T

I’m very honest and passionate about helping others. I love to learn new things. I dig deep and explore versus reading old, possibly outdated, information. I feel it’s my responsibility to share this new information with others in order to help them be the best. I feel my absolute best when I’m helping someone else. I’m kinda quirky. I love to laugh and make others smile so you can usually find me saying something weird, random and sometimes funny — most often, out of place. I have this weird ability to turn every negative into a positive and I turn obstacles into opportunities.

You can see what others have experienced working with me here.

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Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to chatting with you soon! Feel free to check out the blog for social media and Pinterest tips here.

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