How to Check Comments on Pinterest

Are you using Pinterest for business? 👀 If you’re creating content and uploading it to Pinterest, you should definitely be paying attention to your comments. I’ve seen WAYYYYY too many entrepreneurs miss out on potential sales because they aren’t replying to comments!! Check out the latest video to learn how to check your comments NOWContinue reading “How to Check Comments on Pinterest”

How to Create Pinterest Boards Using Desktop

Before you can pin, you must have Pinterest boards! Here is what I recommend: Operate with intent and purpose! No random boards, no thoughts of “I don’t know what I’m doing”, “let me just throw something up here” or “oh well!” Get clear on your ideal audience and who you’re targeting Use the Pinning forContinue reading “How to Create Pinterest Boards Using Desktop”

Pinterest Is Making it Easier for People to Buy YOUR Products

If you have a product-based business or sell physical good, listen up! This podcast is for you 🙂 Social commerce is very big! If you’ve never heard of the term, it is when social media meets e-commerce — describing when people purchase items on social media.  Over the past few months, we’ve seen some brands implementContinue reading “Pinterest Is Making it Easier for People to Buy YOUR Products”

The Secret to My Pinterest Marketing Strategy: How I Reach 4.9 Million Monthly Viewers

Do you want to know the exact Pinterest marketing strategy I use to generate over 4 million monthly viewers on Pinterest?

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