Working with Natalie

In Action!

Being effective on social media is more than just showing up and telling people to either buy from you or sign up for your service. Other than knowing the technical aspect, you have to know when to show up, how to show up and how to connect authentically with your target audience. Selling is an art and part of what I do is help you place it all together to form a masterpiece.

Sharon’s a women’s empowerment coach who loves to provide tools and resources to other female entrepreneurs. One thing she struggled with was showing up in order to show those entrepreneurs that she could actually help them. She was terrified of hopping on Facebook live so we worked together during this exercise to help her feel more comfortable with video and connecting with others. Here’s her first live!

Sharon on getting in your own way.

Lindsey has been in digital marketing for over 13 years and she recently hit a snag. Trust me, when it comes to digital marketing, she knows her stuff! Sometimes you just need an extra pair of eyes to see things that may not be as noticeable to you. Listen to this message she shares about how to connect with others via email.

Lindsey on e-mail marketing.

My role changes based upon your needs. Do you need help learning how to use the platform? Help developing a strategy? Or are you struggling with showing up? I’d love to hear from you!

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